It all began in 2019, when Nick Hudson was trying to find a way for his clients to more safely perform the Nordic Curl. When searching for a product, he found that they were either too expensive and clunky or were cheap and prone to breakage. So he took it upon himself to find a solution. After partnering with Scott Melanson of Push.Design, they went through several prototypes to fine-tune the design and engineering of the BladeX product for your use today.


What became of this was 2B Fit LLC, our new venture to create the best workout equipment possible while also greatly simplifying it wherever possible. In a world where technology is ever growing into our daily lives and workouts, we want to create products that are a compliment to your daily workout and grow with you over time.


I was what you would call a State Park Kid.  My dad was a park ranger so we lived in the park and moved around the state a lot.  I got to see every corner of Minnesota and make new friends but I would always have to say goodbye when we moved.  It was difficult but I also think this is where I get my love for adventure.  Born in bred in Minnesota means I got to do everything outdoors.  I love skiing, both water and snow, hiking, biking, hunting and fishing and share this passion for the outdoors with my family whenever possible.

I was always the skinny kid growing up and when I was a junior in high school I was 130 lbs at 6′ 1″.  It hit me one day when I saw myself on video and said “look at how skinny that kid is” not knowing that I was looking at myself!  I went from 130 to 190 my senior year and ended up graduating from Bemidji State University with a BS in Exercise Science.  Needless to say fitness became my passion and I have never looked back.  I started modeling for fitness magazines and on fitness product packaging.

I found my calling.  This led to me becoming a featured trainer for the MTV show “I Used To Be Fat” and numerous other on-camera fitness roles.  Over the last 20 years I never stopped training clients.  I have worked with thousands of people over this time and I still train some of them to this day.  Our gym, Success Fitness, is like one big family.  The trainers there have helped me see how a new piece of fitness equipment could be born.


Scott, a 12 year Professional in Product/Automotive Design, is a Minneapolis-based Designer who has worked on everything from Kickstarter successes to advanced medical technology for Fortune 500 companies. Working with a variety of disciplines under his belt, his design vision for anything is that it must function as beautifully as it looks, and be easily produced where possible. Designing for countless different production methods, working closely with vendors to ensure proper production methods, and using an understanding of the user to drive key decisions has lead to numerous successful product lines, over 6 Patents, and with an extensive background in technology and photography his understanding of the technical execution mesh with his creative endeavors.

An active Skier/Snowboarder, Snow Skater, Mountain Biker, BMX Racer, Runner, and former Triathloner/Marathoner he tries to keep himself and his family as active as possible.