This is our Complete, BladeX Pro Kit, with everything you need to take your workouts to the next level. It includes a BladeX set of Blades with our Patented Design, our Door Holding Strips, and a Durable Drawstring Bag for transport to anywhere you want to go.


(2) BladeX blades

(2) Door Holding Strips

(1) Carry Case

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Improve every aspect of your workout, like creating a more Ergonomic Grip for your Push Up or Adding Incline to your Squats and Stretches.

  • Quickly use it to secure workouts around the Home or Gym

  • Can be used for over 500 Workouts/Stretches, such as:

    • Nordic Curls

    • Push-Ups (3 different positions and difficulties)

    • Calf and Hamstring Stretches

    • Resistance Band Curls and Extensions

    • Sit-Up and Crunches

    • Balance and Mobility Training

    • Dips and Close Grip Exercises

  • BladeX made from Durable 6061-T6 Aluminum and coated with a Durable Wrinkle Texture Powdercoating these Blades will never rust and can support users up to 250 lbs with an additional 100+ lbs. of weight for a variety of exercises.

  • The Under-Door Compression Extrusion included in the set can be attached to the Blades for easy At-Home Use, wedging under most doors with ease and preventing marring from the metal structure while maintaining a firm hold.

  • The Angled Top allow for users will feet from Size 6 Female to Size 13 Men to wedge with ease under the locking upper for secure and safe Nordic Curls.

  • Channels in the BladeX Body allow for easy integration and attachment of Resistance Bands and Straps to level up your workouts and stretching routines.

  • Our BladeX Bags are made from durable composite fabric that will allow for you to easily store your Blades, Bands, and other gear for the Trainer or Enthusiast On-The-Go.


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